All the way from Scotland.

I am a descendant of the ancient Scottish Clan Macfarlane.  In the fourteenth century, the Macfarlanes were an infamous clan, known for daring nighttime cattle raids, conducted by the light of the full moon.  In the Scottish Highlands the full moon became known as “Macfarlane’s Lantern.”  I am told that even in present-day Scotland, the full moon is still referred to as MacFarlane’s Lantern in weather reports.

With Lantern Light Counseling, I wish to reclaim the image of the lantern.  I want to shine a light on the issues clients are working through, to identify and highlight the strengths and skills that clients have and can build upon to develop a vision of what is possible and the life skills to achieve it.

My approach.

I view my clients as whole.  I have a non-judgmental, empathic, nurturing, respectful and often humor-filled approach to guiding clients on a path to wellness, and improved quality of life.  I am a skilled listener and endeavor to ask questions the answers to which bring insight.

I am both a licensed clinical social worker, and an attorney. I received my undergraduate training at the University of California, Berkeley, and earned both a Masters of Social Work degree, and Juris Doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

My life in law.

As an attorney, I was General Counsel for a non-profit organization addressing the health, education, and therapeutic needs of North Texas families.  Later, I practiced family law representing the interests of children and adults.

As a lawyer, and as a therapist for more than fifteen years, I have helped many through the most difficult of life changes.  I am awed by my clients’ capacity and achievements.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking and traveling with my husband and two daughters.